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Kilgore alters $1.5 million ball park plans

Monday, July 21, 2014 - 4:47pm

The city of Kilgore is ready to begin construction on a new baseball complex for the community. However there is one problem-- the recent building estimates came in far more expensive than the $1.5 million budget allows. 

The new park has already been designed and the land is purchased. KETK spoke with Kilgore's Public Works Director, Seth Sorensen, who said, "Both bids unfortunately came back higher than we had hoped. So currently we're looking for new options on how we can continue to construct these new fields". Much higher, with costs reaching almost $3 million. 

So at the city council meeting on Tuesday, officials hope to reject these bids.Sorensen said, "We're going to take a hard look at the bid that was submitted, and see which items might be more nicety rather than necessity". The end goal of this 7-year project, is to help the local Boy's Baseball Association. Sorensen explained, "If you look at our existing ball fields they've been in place for many many years, and it prohibits them from having tournaments and expanding on the number of games that they can have".  

Officials hope to bring the project in under-budget, while still growing the local economy. He believes, "The ability to hold tournaments bring people into the city of Kilgore, have them eat at our restaurants, stay in our hotels, and put Kilgore on the map as a tournament location". 


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