Kilgore folks getting mail stolen out of their mailboxes


POSTED: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 - 9:20pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 27, 2012 - 9:36am

On Tuesday, the local post office told Kilgore Police some folks they deliver to in the Highland Park area had reported their mail missing...and they had even seen some mail scattered out in the streets.

"We learned that Rusk County had a similar report a day or so prior of a black SUV at the time that was...following mail carriers and also going through mailboxes," said Captain Roman Roberson.

Roberson tells KETK they think it might be related...he says it's possibly a black Nissan Xterra with a police light in the dash...driven by a white male.

The thefts in Highland Park are happening in the daylight...usually when mail is delivered.

Roberson says it's a good idea to take your outgoing mail to the post office instead of putting it in your mailbox.

"You put the red flag up...that's just saying 'come get me,'" Roberson said.

KETK spoke with William Eddington who lives in the area.

His family hasn't had any missing mail yet...but they're on the lookout.

"I receive Social Security checks and I get important mail in the mail so I'm hoping no one gets my identity," Eddington said.

Paula Elia on the otherhand...has experienced several issues in the Highland Park area of Kilgore recently...she says her car was even stolen.

"I've had my garage broke storage building was broke into...there's all kind of theft in the neighborhood," she said.

And on top of all of that...yes, her mail has been stolen as well.

"Yes my mail has been stolen, it's my bills and so I wish they would just pay them if they're just gonna take them you know, instead of getting disconnect notices in," Elia said.

Kilgore Police say mail theft can lead to fraud like identity theft, forgery and counterfeiting.

If you have any information on what's going on with the mail Kilgore Police.

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Maybe KETK should do an investigation of insurance fraud in the cars AND houses being burned. But then again, I guess complaining of stolen mail is a good way to avoid having to pay bills after those pesky "cut-off notices".

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