Kucinich will support Obama health overhaul

Kucinich will support Obama health overhaul

POSTED: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 - 10:09am

UPDATED: Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 3:05am

WASHINGTON – Liberal Rep. Dennis Kucinich says he will support President Barack Obama's health care overhaul bill when the House considers it.

The Ohio Democrat opposed the bill when the House voted on it last year. But he has been lobbied hard by the president himself, as Democratic leaders try to corral the 216 House votes they need to approve the nearly $1 trillion package.

Kucinich announced his decision Wednesday. It's important because the vote will be close, and Democrats are scrounging for all the support they can get.

All Republicans are expected to oppose the legislation. Some Democrats who voted for an earlier version in November believe the new bill lacks sufficient curbs on federal financing of abortions and are expected to vote "no."

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Mr. Hamm, Where will these doctors bolt to, Mexico? Y'all say that the doctors left Canada because they have universal health care and came to America so I am sure they will not go to Canada.

Once America has universal health coverage, the robber baron doctors (who don't represent all doctors) will have nowhere else to go, because every other progressive industrialized country has woken up to the wisdom of universal healthcare. And in those countries doctors may not make as much money as they do under the scam of a system we have in America now but they often have medical school paid for them and don't have to face as much malpractice litigation so it balances out quite well, and on top of that they are still very comfortable financially.

Didn't take long for Dennis to cave. An hour and one half aboard Air Force One, courtesy the U.S. taxpayer and most likely a bribe and the deal was done.

The Medical people will bolt from the system if the bill is passed.
How can you provide for more people on a system that is streched to the limit now if even more Doctors bolt and leave you high and dry without rationing Health care.
All you old folks and sick better have you wills up to date.

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