Largest trike manufacturer is in East Texas

Friday, August 22, 2014 - 8:34am

The city of Troup creates a unique type of transportation. The largest manufacturer of three wheel trikes is located in East Texas. Motor Trike is the Troup based company that is setting records. The need for speed is becoming more and more popular among the baby boomers said Motor Trike President and Owner, Jeffrey Vey.

"Our next 20 years are basically our future as we continue to grow because the baby boomers are getting to that point where if they are going to keep riding, they have to go to a trike," said Vey.

The three-wheelers offer much more stability than motorcycles. So, many people are trading in their two-wheelers for the three-wheel trikes.

"The handling is better. The ride quality is better, and your ability to be seen is better. So, it's just more fun without the worry," said Vey.

Motor Trike sells about 80-100 trikes a month to people all over the country. They hope to speed up the trike business in more ways than one. The company currently has the fastest trike in the world. It travels more than 140 mph.

"It's kind of fun if you love speed. A lot of us do here. It's more fun than you could possibly imagine. It's cool," said Vey.

Most trikes reach speeds up to 110 mph.

"They just have a lot of power, and they're a lot of fun. You don't ever have to worry about laying that power down," said Engineer and Operations Manager, J.D. Vey.

Motor Trike will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in October.

"The smells and the sights that you see that are unencumbered...that you can't see when you're in a car...That makes it... so special," said Vey.

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