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Thursday, March 5, 2015 - 8:50am
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Lemonade stand makes life sweeter for Troup custodian fighting cancer


POSTED: Wednesday, May 21, 2014 - 6:34pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 1:58pm

What do you get when you mix sugar, lemon, and a large group of second grade students? In this case, it's a sweet surprise for one faculty member at Troup elementary school.

Heatherdawn White, a custodian at the elementary school, was shocked when doctors discovered a brain tumor. However, she knew all along, something was wrong. White recalled, "My right hand started going numb. I thought it was a pinched nerve, but then it started getting worse. It kept dropping stuff at work and things at home I couldn't pick up with my fingertips. And then I started passing out".

The tumor started spreading to her spine. Doctors told her, if it ruptured, she might lose her life. So White started wearing a neck brace at work, which caught the attention of students. Amanda Holt, a second-grade teacher at Troup elementary, said, "The kids just started seeing her walking around with her neck brace, and they wanted to know if they could help in some way".  

So Troup second-graders started a lemonade stand to raise money for their beloved custodian. Holt said, "The kids are really excited just to be able to buy her groceries and her prescriptions, or whatever she needs". Each student was assigned a role in the process, from "advertisers" to "money collectors". Holt elaborated, "We have the 'pourers', and they're the ones that are pouring the lemonade, serving it. And then our advertisers. So our advertisers are doing our propaganda, trying to get people into buy lemonade".

Mixing learning, with sweet fundraising. White said, "One of the kids thought about me, and I got teary eyed when they were telling me".

The goal was to raise $300, and so far, they have raised more than $1,000. Of course anything helps, so a donation fund has been created at Austin Bank in Troup for Heatherdawn, and they are in the process of creating a red basket account for anyone who would like to donate online.

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I would like to donate to help out. Please send me info as to how to help and please keep time and lemons and help your people.

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