Lindale plans to open retail center

Kirsten Glavin
Tuesday, August 12, 2014 - 9:43pm

East Texas developer Thedford Crossing and the Lindale Economic Development Corporation are working together to bring their vision of a new retail center, to life. The center will include multiple retail stores, a bowling alley and a movie theatre.

"The theatre entertainment center is the anchor for the project, it will be the first thing built, or will be built," said John Clary, President of the Lindale Economic Development Corporation.

City manager Craig Lindholm says that having these new options in town will be great for the Lindale community.

"Entertainment having more options, whether they want to go out to eat, more options, shopping, all of those are very positive things, very wonderful things for a community," said Lindholm.

The plans for the center are in their early stages. An agreement between the economic development corporation and attorneys must be made. Then, the proposition goes through Lindale city council.

Lindholm added, "At that point in time, if the developers are in agreement with it, if the economic development corporation is in agreement with it, and if the city council approves it, then we can move forward with the project, but we can't move forward with the project until then."

If the retail center proposal does advance, it is expected to be a great economic asset to the region.

"It could be a tremendous boom to the local economy but also to the regional economy," said Lindholm.

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