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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 5:58pm

Lindale residents upset about their signs being stolen

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 7:01pm

In the city of Lindale there are a lot of mixed reactions about the sale of beer and wine. Some say that it's tearing their town a part.

A lot of residents have "Keep Lindale dry" signs on their lawn. One viewer said that some others are tearing them down. This makes those for and against the sale of beer and wine very upset.

"Let's keep Lindale unique," said Joyce Bradway, who is against the sale of beer and wine.

Bradway moved  to Lindale 17 years ago from Iowa.

"It was wonderful to come here and not see beer in the stores," said Bradway.

She proudly displays her "Keep Lindale dry" sign on her front lawn.

"I know it doesn't change people's minds, but I wanted people to see what we felt about it," said Bradway.

She was upset to find out people were tearing down signs off private property.

"I think if they want a sign in their yard, I won't go tear theirs down and I think they should leave them alone."

"This is not an issue we ought to hate one another about, "said pastor at Lindale's First Baptist church Tom Buck.

Pastor Buck has openly said he doesn't support alcohol sales in Lindale.

"Do we wanna be a town that, that's one of the main revenues which we draw from. I don't wanna be that town," said Pastor Buck.

Many disagree and Pastor Buck said that's ok.

"We should have these discussions, we should have them openly, and I think that's the key."

While many don't see eye to eye on this particular debate, noone thinks it's ok to steal someone's right to free speech.

"Well I think that's really disrespectful. I mean I think everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I don't think they should be tearing down other people's signs," said Simone Key, whose for alcohol sales.

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