Lindale revitalization underway

Monday, December 9, 2013 - 7:12pm

For many people Lindale is known only as the birthplace of Miranda Lambert.
But for folks who live there, there was lots of room for improvement.
And that old red brick building off Highway-69 was frankly an eyesore.
Many who live in Lindale wondered about the old, abandoned cannery warehouse on East North Street.
I thought about a shooting range or indoor batting cages.
But the city had bigger ideas.
It is now the Pickers Pavilion at Blackberry Square.
Oh, yes. There is now a Blackberry Square.
The city needed some sort of focal point, in the eyes of many. It doesn’t have a town square as such, like many small Texas cities. So, why not make one?
“One of the things they wanted to do is revitalize the downtown area itself,” says City Manager Owen Scott, “and in doing so, this building. Where it’s located, and what they could do with the outside of it to fix it up, is to make it the centerpoint of revitalizing the rest of the property down here. You see, they not only bought this, but the old cannery across the road. It and then the Darden property. So that actually there’s about 30 acres here.”
The city is on an improvement binge lately.
There is the acquisition of what is now the Old Mill Pond.
And now, this.
Coming soon across from the Picker’s Pavilion is a lovely wooded property that will become a new city park.
According to Scott, they’ve already received a grant from Texas Parks and Wildlife for a walking trail in the park.



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