Local author writes book about anti-terrorism

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POSTED: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - 6:01pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 12:05am

Monday's bombings in Boston were not only heard in Massachusetts but, were heard around the world.

President Obama said in his press conference on Tuesday, the Boston bombings were in fact an "act of terrorism"

KETK spoke to a local author who published an e-book on his expertise, combating terrorism.

The name of the book is called "We are the Target, a citizens guide to anti-terrorism”

Author Herold Wingfield was trained in the military in anti-terrorism for decades, and he says he wrote this book so people can really understand what terrrorism is and ways to prevent it.

Growing up in the Ark-La-Tex area, and serving more than two decades as security-forces officer in the Air-Force, Wingfield is an expert in anti-terrorism. He says, "We constantly had to be briefed on terrorism, on events, on threats, and so this was a normal part of our life."

After more than 20 years of anti-terrorism training, Wingfield decided to write a book after his wife and sister, also an author, convinced him too. Wingfield says, "The name of the book is 'we are the target' it's a citizens guide to anti-terrorism, I wrote it so a normal person, an average citizen on the street could pick it up and read it and have an idea of what terrorism is really about."

The book lends readers simple tools to stifle an act of terror. He says, "As a normal person they can affect preventing terrorism."

For example, Wingfield says, the tragedy that happened in Boston on Monday, he says people need to be more aware and report anything out of the ordinary, "If you see somebody lift up a trash can, and throw away a paper cup, and close the lid, that's not a big deal, if you were to see somebody to lift a trash can and throw in a backpack, that might tilt your head."

Wingfeild says, the problem is nearly 90 percent of people do not report suspicions, he says "One of the biggest things I’ve seen that most people tend to do is go, huh? what was that about?' and then they won't call 911."

In his book he talks about calling authorities even if something "feels" wrong. He says after responding to terrorism bomb threats for years in the military he's learned one thing, "I had rather respond to a hundred nothings, than to miss one explosion."

He says like we saw in Boston, and many other terrorist attacks in our nation, one explosion is one too many.

Wingfield says he's passionate about the safety and security of our nation, and wanted to make his military knowledge available for everyone, in simple terms.

He also wrote another book called "The Cycle of Safe Traveling,” both of his books are available on Amazon, you can find them here:



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I almost thought when I read the headline to this story; "We Are The Target", that some author had the honesty and courage to write a book about how the American citizen becomes the target of unconstitutional search, massive fear propaganda, and just as this author does, instill a suspicion against one another. Can we make claim to a free society if we walk in fear of a government or each other? .It's time someone voice the truth; that we are not made safer when we make each other the enemy.

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