Local coffee shop expressing their 2nd amendment right


POSTED: Friday, September 20, 2013 - 5:40pm

UPDATED: Saturday, September 21, 2013 - 12:49pm

A coffee shop in East Texas is brewing up a little more than espressos and cappuccinos.

Henry's House of Java is exercising their Second Amendment right and reminding customers they can do the same.

Big controversy with the coffee king Starbucks after this week saying they'd rather you not carry firearms in their stores.

But, Henry's House of Java in Mineola says they respect the Second Amendment and have no problem with you packing in their store.

Henry's House of Java is a town favorite in Mineola.

" I think it's great," said daily customer Neal Duncan.  

And now more and more people are talking about the coffee shop because of their new addition.

Their pro- Second Amendment right signs.

"Making people feel that they are not able to express their Second Amendment right is just as bad as not being able to express your freedom of speech," said Manager Tammi Williams.

Williams said the idea to post these Second Amendment friendly signs was from a customer.

"It just kind of started as a joke I was like no that's a very serious subject."

But, the idea grew on her and she decided to post the signs Wednesday night.

Williams said this is just a simple reminder anyone and everyone is allowed in.

"If you exclude somebody because they have a license to carry that licensed gun you exclude a full group of people.''

And so far great responses from their customers.

"I think everyone should be packing," said customer Rick Love.

"There just letting everyone know everyone is welcome whether you choose to exercise your Second Amendment right or not your welcome to come hear and drink coffee and eat a sandwich," said Duncan.

And the Second Amendment friendly signs are not coming down anytime soon.

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Good for you. I'm proud to be a Wood County Native. Actually born in Grand Saline and raised around Hanesville but always considered Mineola my hometown. Leave it to the county that produced Noble Willingham and Sissy Spacek to stand up for the second amendment. Too bad the politicans in Washington D.C. weren't raised with Wood County values and morals. Keep up the good work.

Sissy Spacek ??? Hahahahaha You are too funny Redneck Dude.

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