Local college helping further high school students' education

Stacey Spivey
Friday, August 1, 2014 - 6:20pm

One local college is helping change the course of East Texas high school students. Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins will be offering dual-credit courses online beginning in Fall 2015. "Its a win, win situation," said William Smialek, VP of Institutional Advancement, and added "its an opportunity for high school students to take college classes, students could grab their course work in the off hours, in the evening, in the weekends."

However, none of this would've been possible if it weren't for the Hudson Strategic Group in Atlanta, GA. The group wanted Jarvis to become a part of their pilot program that would offer online dual-credit classes to high school students who probably wouldn't have attended college otherwise. "We jumped at the chance to reach other people and other high school students that might not have the opportunity to take college classes while they're in high school," said Smialek.

Smialek also said Jarvis will be wanting to get anywhere from 5-10 school districts involved. He said he thinks its possible because its "a big attraction is the cost, if a student can get 12, or 15, 18 hours while they're in high school, that's a whole semesters worth of savings in tuition." Other than cost, students can get a head start on their college education, and because it will be general education courses,they will be transferable to any school.

While it could East Texas high school students, it could also help this small, private school thrive. "Through dual enrollment they'll grow their student base and prepare them for if they want to go to Jarvis they can or if they want to go to Texas they can," said Henry Whitlow, CEO of Hudson Strategic Group.

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