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Local farmer's market vendors decide to change location

Friday, February 21, 2014 - 6:44pm

A demand for a farmer's market was seen in the city of Lindale, and starting in April people will be able to buy locally grown produce. The Picker's Pavilion was decided as the designated spot, until vendors came forward wanting a new space. "They requested they get a larger area and somewhere that they could just sell out of the back of their vehicles," said Carolyn Caldwell, interim city manager of Lindale.

Local farmer Victor Zillmer says the pavilion presented difficulties,and said when you're a vendor you "want to have an area where you can take it and unload it from your vehicle easily from your truck here onto a table."  Zillmer says the pavilion has limited doorways, and railings that make it hard for the farmers to bring in their produce. Because of this the farmers went to Tuesday's city council meeting asking to move their location. The city and farmers chose the empty parking lot across the street as the temporary market. "Its exactly what we need, it's a large flat area, it'll stay clean, and we'll be able to get our vehicles in there," said Zillmer.

It turns out this spot is beneficial to both the city, and the farmer's market. Caldwell said the city hopes it will draw in more people to the downtown area. Zillmer agrees, and said "it gives the city the availability to have large functions here, and at the same time right across the street you have a farmers market so that people can see theres a farmers market there and know hey there it is."

The Picker's Pavilion will now solely be available to events like reunions, shows, weddings, and their country fest. It's $300 for the day, but for more information you can contact the city hall.

The Lindale Farmer's Market currently has twenty vendors signed up for their first year. They are planning on starting in the beginning of April, and when they open they will be in business on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 7 a.m. To 12 p.m.

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