Local group looks to end alcohol campaign in Tyler and parts of Smith County


POSTED: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 5:32pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - 6:03pm

TYLER - " No one else was doing anything, it was as though there was an apathy among the people."

Dr. Mike Daniels, pastor of Landmark Baptist Church in Tyler is the new face of a group hoping to discourage folks considering signing petitions to get alcohol on the ballot.

"Buy Local First", is the group supporting a movement for beer and wine sales within Tyler and parts of Smith County.

"So basically what the committee wanted to do was give the citizens of Tyler and JP 2 the choice. Wanted to give them the right to vote and our whole mission is just simply to get it on the ballot," said Bob Westbrook, a spokesman for the group.

Now, there's a new group in town, they're called "Standing Strong for Tyler."

"The people that's pushing the sale of alcohol the Brookshires people, the Walmart, groups that they really want it, they're not looking for the best interest of Tyler they're looking out for the best interest of their pocketbooks," Daniels tells KETK.

There plan is simple, to not only stop alcohol sales, but also keep it off the November ballot.

"The main goal is to stop period anyway we can do it."

But members of "Buy Local First" appear to have a big head start. We're told the group had to raise 6,700 signatures for JP 2 and 7800 in the city of Tyler.

They have to be turned in by June 25th,and they say they've already received all the signatures they need.

Westbrook tells KETK, "We knew going into this that there would be certain faith-based groups that virtually by their doctrine they're going to be against any alcohol issue period. I do want to remind everybody that alcohol is a legal product and it's legal all across the country."

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As an Marine Veteran and a Pastor I have a right to stand up and speak my mind about issues that pertain to my community as I wish. I fought those rights as did many others. You dont have to agree with me or my point of view but to call a man of God a bigot because he stands up and speaks his mind about alcohol and the effects he has seen in the lives of those he has ministered to for 40 years is just ignorant. In this country and the fact that 2 sides can have a voice n and vote to settle it

With all the respect and dignity due Dr. Mike Daniels I would find it difficult to come right out and say that because of his personal beliefs about alcohol and with absolute certainty of which he is attempting to influnce others of that just maybe some of those in his very own Congregation just didn't sign one of those alcohol petitions out there.
It's time for all the people of Tyler to deciede at the polls just as they have elsewhere.

Who are these religious bigots to dictate what and where I can buy alcohol?
They are definitely NOT preaching the GOSPEL which is their mandate - they are simply fools who believe that alcohol is evil.
Perhaps they should consider themselves to be evil because their actions and words have nothing to do with Jesus Christ. People like this are the reason that true religion is diminishing in our land.
Daniels - hop on a plane to Saudi Arabia - No alcohol allowed there - AND DO NOT COME BACK - DOLT!

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