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Monday, March 30, 2015 - 10:32pm

Local health services prepare for possible immigrant influx


POSTED: Monday, July 7, 2014 - 4:44pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 10:25am

While,so far , East Texas is not being asked to take in an influx of illegal immigrants, Stephanie Taylor with NET Health says they're ready for whatever comes our way. "If they need us, we are ready to respond. We do have the capacity to respond to those needs here locally. If we saw an influx of our population here we would resort to our preparedness plans," said Taylor.

She also said they have plans in place with local authorities regarding mass immunizations and shelters. "We review those plans on a regular on going basis to make sure that we're prepared for any sort of response that might be needed," said Taylor, but its all driven by the state. Adding, "we're monitoring this situation very closely, we're working with our partners at both the regional and state levels."

The Texas Department of State Health Services is watching 35 counties throughout East Texas, and Dr. Paul McGaha says there are no issues like those in the lower Rio Grande valley. "If issues were to arise they would work through local governments, each one has an emergency management plan, emergency management coordinator at the county level or the city level," said Dr. McGaha. He also said they would treat the situation like a hurricane. "In some ways it would be similar to that, that the emergency management system would be activated through the county and city governments, we'd be working in concert with them," said McGaha.

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I know this is a dire situation for these people....but wouldn't they have to be quarantined...I see this as a health risk for our community....they could be carrying some sort of bad bug...just a thought.

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