Local shoe organization hits the ground running


POSTED: Friday, April 25, 2014 - 5:26pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 25, 2014 - 9:49pm

Calvin Brown has been collecting hundreds of pairs of shoes over the past few months, as part of his shoe ministry called 'Brothers on the Move.' Brown has teamed up with other East Texans like Daniel Minton, to make sure every child has a good pair of shoes. As far as his inspiration for this ministry he said, "just imagine walking the streets day to day without shoes, imagine walking in a water puddle with a hole in the bottom of your shoe, and I've seen those things happen and my heart just cries out to that."

They have started in Jacksonville, but he said he wants to spread the ministry across all of East Texas. The shoe ministry has really hit the ground running, and Saturday, everyone will be able to see all of their hard work come to life. Brothers on the Move will be at the Norman Activity Center in Jacksonville distributing shoes to those in need. Brown said they have around 200 pairs of shoes to give out.

Generous people like Tina Hargett, a hairdresser in Jacksonville have donated to their cause. "It just touched my heart that he was passionate about his ministry and just the fact that there is such a need," said Hargett. She said she does a lot of teacher's hair and she often hears stories about kids that come to school with so little, and are in need of things like shoes. Hargett has taken it upon herself to spread the word. "I started telling my clients hey start cleaning out your kids closets, you know, if you're needing to do a spring cleaning bring shoes up," said Hargett. She also said, "to a kid that's just awesome, that's just like getting something great for Christmas, that's just something that they need daily that they don't have."

Brown said they will have another distribution day in August in Tyler, and will continue to collect shoes until then. However, they won't stop there. He said he hopes to start a backpack campaign as well to make sure every child has a new backpack for school in the fall. "Everyone needs help from time to time whether we've fallen short due to certain circumstances, so my heart goes out to those people, but mostly my heart goes out to the children," said Brown.

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