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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 10:53pm

Local Tea Party reaction on Ted Cruz's fight


POSTED: Monday, October 21, 2013 - 7:12pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 3:19pm

Tea Party favorite Senator Ted Cruz continues to fight against Obamacare, and he's been getting a lot of heat even from his own party with his role in the government shutdown.

Now, the Democratic National Committee is saying all eyes should be on the Republicans.

The DNC is launching a "GOP Please Stop" campaign.

The fight continues, Democrats strongly believe Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz is to blame for the government shutdown.

"I think Democrats and Liberals are holding free people hostage," says Tammy Blair, Tea Party Leader.

Tammy Blair Tea Party member tell us, this country is based on equal justice and rules for all, and America needs to understand this isn't about health care this is about control.

"I think Ted Cruz is doing a great job that's what we elected him to do," says Blair.

"My ire is focused in Obamacare because it's not working and it's hurting the American people and I don't think it's acceptable and I'm not willing to go to the Texans that elected me say well you're hurting because of Obamacare but I wash my hands and there's nothing I can do about it," says Texas Senator,Ted Cruz.

Cruz is getting a lot heat for his fight, he's even receiving threats.

In recent interviews, Cruz has expressed he's saddened about the blame, but he's hopeful for reflection.

David Stein, President of the Republican Club of Smith County says, this is a bad law... this was ram-rotted down people's throats.

KETK contacted local democratic representatives, they were not available to join the discussion.

David Stein says, Republicans need to continue to fight to make sure the health care system is not taken over by the government.

"They need to make sure they hold other's people IE the Democrats feet to the fire," says Stein.

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Seeing how the local media is re-writing the shutdown makes me wonder how many other "news" we get that is tainted.....

Teresa Sardina , why didn't you ask Tammy Blair, Tea Party Leader, what the Tea Party plan is to save Texans and Americans is from the high cost of health care. I have not seen nor heard any plan they have and would love to see it in writing.

I got my Grand childrens Green Eggs and Ham book out and read it atleast 60 times to try and find where it states that the ACA is bad for America and American citizens. I couldn't find a darn thing in that book about the ACA, so I thought that maybe there was a hidden message in it but the only message that it gives is TRY SOMETHING NEW< YOU MIGHT LIKE IT. So I began to wonder why cruz spent so much time on this topic and not the ACA then I realized that there must not anything wrong with it.

Of course they were not available for discussion they know they have done nothing but hurt this country and its citizens, they just want to sit back and try to put the blame on people like Cruz and people like Pete will swallow it hook line and sinker, but I believe the majority of voters will see who stood up for us and who sold us out and send them packing. Vote for the person, not the party, or else watch this country go belly up. The party is killing this country, the last 2 presidents have

Suz stated "Of course they were not available for discussion". Who was not available for discussion suz?

I am so glad that you are so knowledgable about ObamaCare. Can you tell me how much insurance under the ACA silver plan will cost me for a family of 5. My annual income is $46K annual. Can you you help me out with this?

I think I have seen her before in Rusk, Texas

Teresa Sardina, the term is ramrodded, from the days when powder and shot was shoved down a barrel, not the term you used which is somehow maybe related to alpine road-kill. Ted Cruz is to conservatism what Jesse Jackson is to equality.

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