Johnny Manziel's first NFL start will be on FOX 51

Johnny Manziel's first NFL start will be on FOX 51

Tyler native Johnny Manziel will be seen by East Texans this weekend. Manziel's first NFL start will be on FOX 51 Sunday at noon.

Are we Di-Fi's enemy

I usually don't do the same topic two days in a row..but there is still so much to say about one group of selfish, misguided politicians who are putting our nation and spies and allies at risk.
ETX donor to match Salvation Army kettle donations

ETX donor to match Salvation Army kettle donations

According to the Salvation Army, kettle donations are down $7,000 from where they were this same time last year.

Popular firearm company voluntarily recalling millions of rifles

If you own a Remington rifle, you may have a free Christmas gift coming. Remington Arms Company is replacing the trigger on millions of its popular bolt action rifles. But, there is a lot of controversy surrounding this issue.

UPDATE: Police identify burglar killed by Tyler homeowner

Tyler Police are on the scene of a residential shooting on Charleston Drive.

Danny Elzner commentary; Why treat TCU like that?

KETK Sports Director Danny Elzner comments on TCU being left out of the national championship playoff. The Horned Frogs were treated like Lucy used to treat Charlie Brown.

Have we lost our minds

Why are we so intent to play politics to the point we are willing to put our fellow countrymen and allies in peril?

Modular homes growing in popularity

As more and more people are hitting their retirement years, there are housing options that are growing in popularity. Many are looking for a cheap, nice home to live in and modular homes are looking like a nice fit.

Flint father charged in daughter's death released on bond

Russel Gene Lindstrom, the father of a child who died in a hot car in June 2014, has been released on bond.

John Tyler advances to semifinals

John Tyler is going to the state semifinals again. The Lions crushed McKinney North Friday night in Denton, 64-40.

Alto eliminated

The perfect season has come to an end. Alto was eliminated by Centerville Friday night at Palestine, 23-20. It was the only loss of the season for the Mean Sting.

Reagan Roy is live with the Alto coach; KETK is live at three stadiums

KETK's Reagan Roy was live with Alto coach Paul Gould. The unbeaten Yellowjackets will play Centerville tonight at 7:30 at Wildcat Stadium in Palestine.
State playoff games tonight

State playoff games tonight

John Tyller will play McKinney North at Denton's Apogee Stadium at 7:30 Friday. Gilmer will play Atlanta at Longview's Lobo Stadium at 7:00. Alto will play Centerville at 7:30 at Wildcat Stadium in Palestine.

CHEAP SHOTS: Breaking down the College Football Playoff

Phil Kuchinsky, Garrett Sanders and Reagan Roy break down the College Football Playoff. Click the video for more.

I hope they stay there

We try and honor all veterans as much as we can. We know whether you were in combat or had another job that it was sacrifice. Fear, loneliness, and I'm sure sometimes...hope, may have been lost.