Lon Morris College delays paychecks again


POSTED: Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 6:39pm

UPDATED: Sunday, December 25, 2011 - 3:48pm

Employees at Lon Morris College in Jacksonville tell KETK their paychecks were late once again.  It's a problem the school says is brought on by tough economic times. We spoke with the president of Lon Morris College, Dr. Miles McCall on Tuesday, he says employees have known since September that the school would be facing some challenges this month.

President McCall says the school did receive a $90,000 gift Tuesday; these donations he says helps speed up the accounts payable process.  As for the rumors that the school may soon be forced to shut their doors, President McCall says that simply is not true.

Here is a statement from his office:

"Over the past year, we had to overcome a few challenges including delayed payrolls. December is always a time when cash flow is slow and expense increase due in part to increased utilities and maintenance as we approach the winter months." - President Dr. Miles McCall, Lon Morris College

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Jessica Wilson/ KETKnbc.com

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Mama 2 I'm very disappointed in this college when I went to drop my child there for his first day the rooms were full of trash and smell like dogs and cats had been leaving there, the oder was so bad you had to put mask on also there were no air in the room and I had to drive back down there to take my son to the hospital because he became sick. I dont understand how they wanted kids to live in this place.I dont advise no child to attend this college and this was the worst mistake of my child .

They cut returning athletes scholarships, while not cutting new players. Men's and women's basketball scholarships were not cut. The basketball program seems to be supplied with all kinds of equipment for the players. President did not mention that only returning athletes were cut. The returning players who are getting much more money now will be cut next year. Why do you think the enrollment dropped by 400. My child did not return. Student population is made up of federally funded kids

Maybe God is backed up with prayer requests and has not gotten around to Lon Morris yet!

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