Lon Morris College 'ready for the future'

Monday, August 13, 2012 - 10:36pm

Lon Morris College is still a virtually empty place in Jacksonville, but life will be coming back in just a few weeks.

Dean of Students Dave Hubbard tells KETK, they will be having on-campus classes in the fall.

"The normal core curriculum of classes will be offered, we're very excited about that," Hubbard said.

Some of the furloughed faculty will be coming back to teach.

They will be paid.

Hubbard himself will be teaching Sociology and Student Success.

He says they already have some students from last year registered...along with some new freshmen.

And they're getting a deal on tuition.

"Gone down to about $4,000 for the year.  Scholarships...some, many are still available through the United Methodist Church, Pastors awards, things of that nature," Hubbard said.

As far as the rough summer they've had, Hubbard says they are thankful for volunteer groups like Loving Lon Morris that have helped them out during the crisis.

"It's not just from Jacksonville, it's around the county, around the region.  We've had volunteers coming in from as far away as from Houston to do volunteer work.  And we couldn't have made it without them, we're very appreciative of that," Hubbard said.

Classes begin at Lon Morris on August 29th.

So, how are the returning professors getting paid?

The restructuring firm tells KETK, it's through general funds...a combination of financing from their bank, aid and endowment income.

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