Longview Gregg County Continue to Operate the Emergency Operations Center

Longview Gregg County Continue to Operate the Emergency Operations Center
Wednesday, September 7, 2011 - 4:02pm

Longview, TX --- Fire danger continues to exist for the Longview and Gregg County area. City and County Officials are continuing to monitor the situation and are encouraging citizens to be aware of fire safety precautions.

Officials opened the Emergency Operations Center on Monday, September 5 at approximately 2:00 p.m. Maude Cobb Convention Center, 100 Grand Blvd., was opened yesterday to allow for sheltering of evacuees. Sheltering is also available for livestock and pets. Anyone needing shelter as a result of the recent wild fires can go to this location.

All fires in Longview and Gregg County are partially contained. Officials are thankful for the work of our emergency responders. The winds are not as severe as yesterday; however, there is still fire danger.

Longview Fire has responded to 82 fires in the Gregg County area from Noon on Sunday, September 4, through 8 a.m. Tuesday, September 6. Only one structure was lost during that time in the city limits. The Longview Fire Department has had approximated 30 additional firefighters working each shift, has maintained five additional apparatus, and has also maintained full staffing at all Longview Fire Stations.

Currently, one of the primary concerns is air quality due to the smoke and other particles in the air. Individuals, especially those with respiratory issues, are encouraged to stay indoors.

According to Longview Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Curtis Shaw, “We are hopeful the wind conditions will stay low today as predicted. The lower wind conditions are favorable to the on-going firefighting operations.”

The Longview Fire Department has received numerous donations of water and food supplies. These items are being distributed to Longview Firefighters as well as other area agencies. However, the Longview Fire Department does not currently need additional donations at this time. To inquire about making donations to support public safety personnel, please call 903-237-1379. To inquire about donations for fire victims, please call the local Red Cross at 903-753-2091.

According to Mayor Jay Dean, “Only qualified firefighters are needed to assist. We appreciate the desire of individuals to come volunteer, however it is not needed at this time.”



Fire Safety Tips:

With all the smoke and other particles in the air, people with a history of respiratory symptoms are cautioned to stay indoors.

If there are extreme smoke conditions, please do not proceed down the streets.

Have an exit strategy from your home, business, and neighborhood to multiple points of exit.

Do not wait for someone to tell you to evacuate. Be watchful and evacuate if the fire danger is nearby.

For your own safety, if you don’t live near the fires, please stay away from the area around the fires.

Avoid activities that can create a spark. Examples include burning of any kind, outdoor cooking or grilling, improper disposal of cigarettes, industrial activities such as welding or other construction, or use of any older equipment without spark arrestors.

For additional fire safety tips, please visit www.FireWise.org.


The Longview Fire Department has received Mutual Assistance from:
Sabine VFD
Quitman VFD
Holly Lake VFD
Canton FD
Edgewood VFD
Hawkins VFD
Haynesville VFD
Wills Point VFD

Aid has been provided to:
White Oak
Harrison County
Elderville / Lakeport
Jefferson Metro

Other agencies participating:
Texas Forest Service
Gregg County Precinct 1 and 3
Gregg County Sheriff’s Office
Longview Police Department
City of Longview
Department of Public Safety / State Troopers Office
East Texas Council of Government
HAM Operators
Area businesses have donated use of bulldozers, water tankers, and other field equipment.

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