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Longview Islam Center building mosque, Neighbors concerned


POSTED: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 - 5:07pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - 4:45pm

"What we oppose is just having our neighborhood altered and once its changed it's changed forever," says Dwayne Willie.

Dwayne Willie is worried for his neighborhood.

His concern is about the Longview Islamic Center building a 3,000 square foot mosque and the changes it could bring to him and his neighbors.

"We have families here and it has been a quiet residential area for many years for a lot of these families and to bring in 24 hour activity we do have general concerns," adds Willie.

One of those concerns is traffic.

Like many streets in the area two cars are barely able to pass each other along Amy Street and neighbors don't think their street can handle the traffic.

Longview Islamic Center spokesman Saleem Shabazz knows of the concern but tells KETK traffic won't be impacted that much.

"There is only one day a week we have a group of people here and right now that's only about 40 people," Shabazz says outside the construction site.

Like Willie many others KETK spoke with on Amy Street don't oppose the mosque or the Muslim religion, they are just concerned over safety.

"We all believe in the right to choose how we believe and choose to who we worship. I'd be the first one there too. I just don't think right in the middle of a residential neighborhood is the right place for it," said Willie.

While some in the neighborhood are not bothered by the mosque others question the mosque's location and why here.

Shabazz tells KETK they didn't pick the location, the location picked them.

"we see representations of everyone else religion except ours and this will be able to remind us that there are muslims here," Shabazz adds.

While some neighbors are putting it in Gods hands the Longview Islamic Center is looking forward to finally have a permanent place to worship.

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Congratulation on the new site, May the Lord bless this mosque.

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