Longview police make arrests in 2006 murder case

Longview police make arrests in 2006 murder case

POSTED: Thursday, February 18, 2010 - 10:34am

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 3:39am

LONGVIEW - Longview Police Detectives have arrested two suspects in a 2006 murder case.

On August 17, 2006, friends of Alton Hicks called police after they couldn't reach him and became concerned for his welfare. Officers responded to Mr. Hicks's residence at 306 East Radio Street #A and located him dead inside his home.

Results from a medical examiner revealed that Hicks died from stab wounds and his death was classified as a homicide.

Alton Hicks's murder has remained an open and active investigation since August of 2006, with Longview Detectives continually reviewing leads, interviewing any possible witnesses and searching for evidence.

New information developed by detectives and presented to a Gregg County Grand Jury has resulted in the indictments of Carlos Stiff and Lasinda Crockett for the murder of Mr. Hicks.

Both Carlos Stiff and Lasinda Crockett have been charged with capital murder and booked into the Gregg County Jail.

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Ya he seems like a real sweetheart. Drug, weapon, and assault charges among his list of credentials with the S.O. And those teardrop tattoos which typically mean you've killed someone? Must be those 'tears of a clown' instead?
Uh huh.
Apparently the investigators, the DA, and 12 other people on that grand jury felt differently.
Just sayin'...
Curiously enough, Hicks doesn't show to have ever been a guest with the county.

You have no right to make comments about a person you don't know. You don't know him or anything about him. people on these blogs are so self-righteous. Carlos is not perfect but Capital Murder is something different. I do not believe my cousin is capable of this crime.I hope he doesn't let that lunatic of a mother drag him to his grave the way she has dragged him down his entire life!

carlos stiff is my nephew and he's no monster carlos would never think of killing anyone. He's a child who had the wrong person raising him that's all. My heart goes out to mr. hicks family but my nephew wouldn't have the heart to do something like this but his mother i can't say but my nephew no.

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