Longview, Simon Malls ban CHL holders from carrying on property


POSTED: Friday, June 7, 2013 - 4:48pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 11, 2013 - 11:53am


Carmike movie theaters made headlines this week when they decided to ban CHL holders from carrying their firearm into their theaters nation wide.

After our story aired a viewer alerted KETK to another business that decided to ban CHL holders from carrying onto their property here in East Texas - the Longview Mall.

After a call to the mall manager and an email to public relations firm for Simon Malls which owns the Longview Mall property this statement was released to KETK

"Possession of any weapon at simon malls, whether concealed or displayed openly, is in violation of mall policy."

Questions about when the policy went to into place were unanswered but one CHL holder tells KETK he remembers seeing the sign two years ago.

"I thought ahh man i have to go back to the truck and unload. I did that, went in did my shopping and decided I was not going to go back to the mall anymore after that," said Cody Martin.

While the company states the policy is to create a "safe, secure, and comfortable environment," Martin who has been a CHL holder for more than 3 years sees it a differently.

"Time and time again gun free zones have proved that you know only the good guys go unarmed. Ii took the time to go back to the truck and take my piece off and you know bad guys aren't going to do that," says Martin.

Martin adds there are plenty of places in Longview that allow him to carry and shop and he will continue to go there over a place that doesn't allow him to carry.

Below is the entire statement KETK was provided with from the Longview Mall.

"Possession of any weapon at Simon malls, whether concealed or displayed openly, is in violation of mall policy. This policy is intended first and foremost to maintain a safe, secure and comfortable environment at our malls, which has always been our top priority, and to avoid any situation that could potentially place at risk the safety of our shoppers and employees.

Simon malls are private property, and like virtually every other facility in the community that is accessible by the public, ownership/management has the right to prohibit the possession of weapons, both displayed or concealed, other than licensed weapons carried by law enforcement personnel."

Julie Rigby - Longview Mall Manager

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Carmike has had this policy in place for a while. We have been boycotting them for several weeks because of their anti-gun policy. http://www.2acheck.com/boycott-carmike-cinemas/

We have been trying to get a statement from Simon Malls, but they have refused to provide one. Thanks to this article, and the personal experiences of many people, we will add them to our boycott as well.

Statistics: 8 million concealed carry permits in the US according to the GAO. A 3-year study of Texas crime statistics concluded that Texas CHL holders were always less likely to commit any particular type of crime than the general population, and overall were 13 times less likely to commit any crime. So you might also conclude these are people with jobs and money to spend. Have a job and money to spend; too bad Sears, Dillards, Hibbets Sports, Sunglass Hut, no more of my money!!!

check out www.2acheck.com

3% of Texans/2% of US citizens carry concealed, Simon Malls sees 22 Million unique shoppers per year. That's over a half million customers they no longer want. Each customer averages 2.7 visits per month. That's roughly 17.8 million trips to Simon Mall by CHL carriers, per year. And they think removing us makes it a better place?

People seem to think that CHL holders are the the ones committing shootings, we don't. Another thing, we are CONCEALED. How is anyone going to know if I'm carrying at the mall? Unless some lunatic opens fire on the crowd, at that time, me offering to intervene rather than cower, will probably be acceptable.

Good to know...now the next mass shooter knows exactly where he can go to slaughter unopposed...I'll be staying away.

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