Lufkin Parks & Recreation building to get a new facade after ice storm damage

Lufkin Parks & Recreation building to get a new facade after ice storm damage
Monday, July 11, 2011 - 10:10am

The city of Lufkin plans to start work on a new front for the Parks and Recreation Department building located at 125 N. First St. in downtown next month.

According to city engineer Chuck Walker, the front of the building was damaged in an ice storm in February of this year.

“Half the facade fell off the front of the building,” he said. “The rest was just hanging off, so we removed it down to where it was at least stable.”

The new building front will follow a 1930s style, Walker said.

“We pulled some old photos from the museum and were looking at restoring the original 1930s look,” Walker said.

Architect Roger Sanders came up with the “new” design that follows old traditions, including opening up first- and second-floor windows that were covered when the building was a bank and reintroducing arched frames around windows and doorways.

The throwback to vintage building styles is a trend going on throughout downtown Lufkin.

“It’s an effort to bring the downtown area back to its original appearance,” Walker said, citing the Pines Theater renovation as an example of bringing back the “period look” of buildings around the city. “If a building was built in the ’30s, they’ll look like they did in the ’30s. If it was built in the ’50s, it’ll look like it did in the ’50s.”

The low bid of $105,000 by Cox Contractors for renovating the building was approved by the city council in their Tuesday meeting. Some funding from insurance money will also aid in paying for the renovation. Walker said it takes about a month for paperwork to process, and hopes to get the project rolling soon after.

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