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MADD catches heat for comment over immigration bill


POSTED: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 5:14pm

UPDATED: Saturday, June 22, 2013 - 11:42am

The Senate Immigration Bill is a hot topic right now, and one part of it is getting some extra attention this week, involving drunk driving.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is getting some heat after a comment one of their spokespersons made this week.

MADD is known to be one of the most aggressive organizations in the country for raising awareness and prevention of drunk driving.

But when Judicial Watch asked a MADD spokesperson a question about a recent provision in the Gang of Eight "Amnesty Bill," they kept fairly tight-lipped.

The recent provision would allow illegals who are convicted of drunk driving less than three times to stay in the country.

When asked if MADD would fight against this, the spokesperson reportedly replied, they don't "get involved in immigration matters."

MADD East Texas agreed to speak with us on the issue:

"The issue of whether they stay in the country or not is really beyond the scope of what we are looking at," said Leslie Watson, Executive Director of MADD East Texas. "MADD is obviously concerned with all drunk drivers whether they are legal or illegal."

The provision has continued to create a stir.

Senator John Cornyn of Texas pushed to have those with drunk driving convictions not eligible to become citizens.

Senator John McCain called the Cornyn amendment, a "poison pill."

Senator Cornyn sent us this statement:

“These are serious offenses, and the consequences are often tragic. The underlying bill would allow the vast majority of immigrants who have committed these crimes to automatically become registered provisional immigrants and ultimately hold open to them the possibility they could become American citizens.

“I think we need to draw a very bright line between those whose only offense is to try to come here for a better life and those who have shown such contempt for our laws and American law and order that they commit crimes. We should not reward them with a registered provisional immigrant or probationary status.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he wants to try and get a vote on the Senate bill around the Forth of July.

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Allow illegals convicted of 3 or less DWI's to be able to stay in the country and become citizens? The third conviction of DWI is a felony, either the government likes drunk illegals or they have their hand in the till somewhere. Our government is nuts, enough is enough, this government has to go because this country and its people can't survive another three years of this. That's why they are stockpiling weapons they know what is coming.

I'd say everyone of the top 10 fugitives listed on the DPS website has a Hispanic surname and a gang affiliation.
I'd also say entering Mexico illegally is a felony punishable by a 2 year prison sentence.Entering America illegally is a misdemeanor. We need a quid pro quo immigration bill.
I'd also say a 12 step program helped me get past my bitterness and anger. Maybe MADD moms should give it a try.

John McCain needs to go back to Arizona and stick his liberal head in the desert sand!

Mexicans and booze don't mix.

I'd say who ever is behind this criticism of MADD is in the wrong.

I must agree with "jpttm". MADD can't control immigration.

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