Magpul firearms accessories moving headquarters to Texas


POSTED: Friday, January 3, 2014 - 8:05pm

UPDATED: Saturday, January 4, 2014 - 12:00pm

Firearm accessories manufacturer Magpul Industries has announced it is relocating its corporate headquarters from Colorado to Texas. Magpul began a nationwide relocation search following the passage of anti-2nd Amendment legislation in Colorado this summer that made it difficult for the company to do business.

“In Texas, we understand that freedom breeds prosperity, which is why we’ve built our economy around principles that allow employers to innovate, keep more of what they earn, and create jobs,” Gov.ernorn Rick Perry said. “I’m proud that Magpul is the latest employer to join the ranks of companies that call Texas home.”

According to Magpul, three north central Texas sites are under final consideration, and the transition to the Texas headquarters will begin as soon as the facility is selected. The Texas relocation is being accomplished with support Perry and the Texas Economic Development Corporation.

“Excessive government regulation undermines a culture based on personal responsibility and creates a detrimental business environment,” Magpul CEO Richard Fitzpatrick said. “Texas supports personal freedoms and our company will thrive in that environment.”

Perry has reached out to more than 30 firearm manufacturers in states across the country that are considering restricting sales and manufacturing in the industry. Magpul cited the Lone Star State’s business-friendly environment, predictable regulations and consistent respect for the Second Amendment as key elements in its decision to relocate.

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Hope they do build in the East Texas area. We need more good manufacturing jobs.

Bring it to Marion Co. or Jefferson.

Will Texas property owners get a discount on their firarms for picking up their share of the taxes?

We all know that they will get 7 to 14 years worth of tax abatements.

Most new businesses do get tax abatement's including Walmart's, at least this one will bring jobs. Sure Fallapart brings jobs, but you can make more money working at Taco Bell than Fallapart. Why are you always complaining, your dimwit president gave you a free cellphone and made it easy for you to get your welfare check.

Agree. Welcome to Texas, and PLEASE consider East Texas as your home. Lots of folks eager to work for you, and lots more eager to buy your products.

Welcome to Texas and come to Tyler!!!!

Heck I'd love to work for you!

agreed !! deaf needs a job so he can stop being on welfare.

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