'Mailbox Massacre' Part 2: Cherokee County Road 4608


POSTED: Friday, February 3, 2012 - 10:12pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 4:49pm

2 weeks ago on a Sunday morning, Amy Souter and her family woke up to a neighborhood in shambles.

"My inlaws came over and they said 'What happened on your street?' Souter said.

Souter drove down to see her mailbox had been vandalized...and that's not all.

Whomever is responsible took a part of their fence and threw it into the street, did donuts in nearby pastures,  and destroyed around 30 other mailboxes along the road...while leaving behind a trail of beer cans.

The Souters have a brick mailbox, but that didn't stop the vandals.

"I think they beat it with a...with a bat I guess.  But some of the mailboxes like the one up the street looks like they almost chopped it up with a chainsaw, I mean it's just level," Souter said.

Souter tells KETK even though her mailbox is encased in brick, it still won't be easy or cheap to fix

"Probably have to get the brick layer back out here to you know remove and replace the brick to take the whole mailbox out," she said.

A task she says will most likely be over $100.

Farther down the road is the Martin's.

"We never heard anything...we just got up and saw the mailboxes on the ground and then we got to looking and saw the tracks in the yard," said Ann Martin.

After talking with Cherokee County Sheriff's deputies that responded to the vandalism, they believe the vandals were driving a dually.

They did donuts in her front yard and damaged her mailbox.

"It's irritating...very irritating," she said.

Souter says Sheriff's deputies told them to drive to get a license plate or even install game cameras to try and catch the culprits.

"It's probably gonna be kids I'm thinking...just people that are bored, don't have anything to do...obviously don't know how much trouble this is and expense, I mean they probably don't know how much a mailbox costs...or even care," Souter said.

Souter also said one mailbox along the road was found...in a tree.

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If your sick of replacing your mailbox, get a vandal proof Mail Boss - 40 lbs of baseball bat proof steel - at your local Ace Hardware. They may hit you once, but you won't have to replace your mailbox, and bet the same person won't hit you twice!

I think Ace Hardware is the culprit.

If people get irritated enough, it can be expected that someone will take it on themselves to be ready for the next time. Most likely right after all the boxes get repaired they will be visited again. What are your options for defending your property after dark?

Isn't it a federal crime yet, to destroy, or vandalize a mailbox? If so, why isn't the postal service investigators, or other law enforcement agencies involved? Hopefully, these candals a caught, and made to make restitution for the damage, and a sturdy fine on top of it!

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