Man arrested for robbery in Lufkin

Man arrested for robbery in Lufkin

POSTED: Saturday, May 31, 2014 - 11:22am

UPDATED: Saturday, May 31, 2014 - 11:25am

On Friday,  a Nacogdoches man tried to rob the Loves Truck Stop in Lufkin. 

Rashad J. Price, 23, arrived at the Polk Convenience Store with his sister and demanded fifteen dollars from the cashier.  The cashier told him no and he made the demand three more times and was turned down by the cashier.

Price then accosted several customers demanding money.

He proceeded to the parking lot where he approached a car and pounded on the passenger door and window, yelling at the driver to give him money. He then jumped on the hood of the car. The driver sped up and dislodged Price from the hood and he fell from the car. The car blew through a four way stop sign and left the scene.

Price went into the Love's Truck Stop and told the cashier to give him all the money. The cashier told him no. Price because angry and hit the cash register. He demanded the money again. The cashier told him no and Price hit the register. After making his demand again and being told no again, he began being destructive, knocking cash registers and displays from the counter.

When officers arrived, two employees and a customer were struggling with Price outside the store on the sidewalk and had managed to subdue him.

He was attempted for Robbery. Witnesses said Price appeared angry, but his sister told authorities she wasn't aware of Price using any substances other than marijuana.

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