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Man Saves Dog's Life

POSTED: Monday, May 25, 2009 - 4:20pm

UPDATED: Saturday, August 3, 2013 - 12:26pm

Wyoming — A Wyoming man goes to great lengths to save his best friend.

Bobby Jenkins' 11-year-old labrador named "Tank" was bitten on the nose by a rattlesnake.

Jenkins says it was 20 minutes to the nearest town and he knew the dog wouldn't make it, so he grabbed the dogs nose and sucked the poison out.

He was able to flag down a neighbor who gave them a ride to town and in the end tank was saved.

Although the vet said sucking out the venom was the wrong thing to do Jenkins says he knows his actions saved Tank.

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i know mr. jenkins very intimately
his story is true except for the cost of his injection he only received one anti-venom injection at the cost of 600. dollars. fact from nurse who treated him. still a valiant
effort for any animal lover.

I know Bobby Jack Jenkins as a very GOOD FRIEND and his Tank ,the dog that got bite .Please send this to everyone ,looking for sponsers,dog food companys,breeders...he needs the word out ,,,he has 2 females akc regestered puppys for sale...sponsers welcome ,looking for tv show ,fox news ....

It is so nice to see a story of sacrifice for animal rescue instead of another animal abuse/neglect story.

Thank you for this story! I would never blame a guy for doing what seems obvious at the time. My Mal pup fell through a frozen lake on his first birthday. You just go into overdrive and do what's right. Angels watch when this happens. Godspeed to this man!

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