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Man shot six times speaks out to KETK


POSTED: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 - 10:24pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 1:03pm

SMITH COUNTY - Thomas Ray Morrow says, he still can't believe what happened Monday night. He says his evening began when an acquaintance asked for ride along with a couple of other men, in exchange for some gas money.

Morrow says the man insisted on driving and he finally agreed. Having no idea where they were headed, Morrow says he found himself in a dark pasture.

"He took me out to a pasture across from the pilot."

It was in that field, that he says, things suddenly changed. Morrow says he was smoking a cigarette when he heard a noise he'll never forget.

"That's when i heard a click behind my head."

Morrow says the click was that of gun, now aimed right at him.

"After that i took off running and he fired a couple of shots and missed but when i tripped that's when i finally got shot."

Trying to protect his face Morrow says the bullet went through his arms and hands. He says several other shots were fired hitting him in the chest. He was shot 6 times. Still, he continued to run and eventually fell down. That's when he says, the gunman took his keys and wallet. The gunman and others took off with the car, leaving Morrow barely able to stand.

"They left me for dead."

At that point, Morrow say he began looking for help. After finally making it the highway, covered in blood he managed to make it to the Pilot truck stop, where he finally received the help he so desperately needed. 

"I have a lot of reasons to live you know.  These two people here, my mom and my dad, and all my friends. I really wanted to get back for them. I wanted people to know what happened."

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