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Melissa McCarthy shows how not to walk in heels

Melissa McCarthy shows how not to walk in heels
CNN/Edward M. Pio Roda
Monday, April 8, 2013 - 2:40pm

Everyone laughed as Melissa McCarthy took a hard fall on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend - actually, make that "falls" - but thankfully she was in on the joke.

The comedic star once again proved to be one of "Saturday Night Live's" top hosts, opening the show with a monologue that prominently featured a pair of ridiculously high heels that parodied the footwear the typical actress is expected to don for public appearances.

Wearing a pair of sparkly red platform peep-toe stilettos, McCarthy could barely even make it down "SNL's" stairs to the stage to begin her performance. By the time the intro song ended, she'd only made it to the bottom of the steps.

"I might've taken a little longer," she joked. "I should've tried these shoes on."

And thus began the monologue's running gag, as the 42-year-old star fired off punchlines while bent over, gripping the seat of a chair for support. It wasn't long before she slid down onto the floor of the stage, face-first. (It evidently smelled like "a lot of musicians.") When "SNL" played a song in honor of her second time hosting the show, McCarthy couldn't find a way to stand up and dance along - so she just crawled around to the beat.

Despite all that, McCarthy swore she was "good" - and she was, during the rest of the show, but definitely not in those crazy shoes.

The episode wasn't the best ever, but it was "the best episode of a pretty good season of a transition year," as New York Magazine's Vulture put it.

Entertainment Weekly agreed that while the latest "SNL" wasn't flawless, "compared to a lot of what we've seen this season, it was downright awards-worthy."

As she did in her monologue, McCarthy "showcased her trademark physical comedy skills" throughout the episode with "an array of eccentric, loose-cannon characters," leading to "a strong episode with mostly solid material," said The Atlantic.

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