Mike's Mail Bag: Death penalty v Life in prison


POSTED: Friday, March 11, 2011 - 7:16pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 17, 2011 - 6:23am

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is ridding his state of the death penalty.

Gover Quinn says wrongly convicted people are being killed, and if the system isn't perfect, then it's not for Illinois.

States that have thrown out the death penalty replaced it with life in prison with no chance of parole or early release.

If you had to choose for Texas, would you prefer the death penalty or life in prison?

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Once their appeals are completed....strap them in!. The number of criminals is growing faster than the
grass....where are you going to put them all.... and how much more of my money are you going to need to give them more priviledges and better medical care than I get!!?? Perhaps we need to remember some
of the horrific things that put them there!!

what ever tax money mostly goes to the lazy people that wonna sit on there behinds all day while us hard workers have to pay there bills and take care of there kids.

Glad you think that the police and firefighters and those in the military are lazy and do not take care of their kids and pay taxes. Bet you would not be able to any of the jobs that I mentioned if you tried. I just pray that you never need any of those in any of these jobs oneday cuse if you do I hope they just sit around on there behinds and watch you suffer.

H*ll, you Texas Republicans do not want to pay the taxes that it take to keep you safe from what we have in prison now. NO TAXES NO SERVICE, NO PRISONS, NO POLICE, NO FIREFIGHTERS, NO SOLDIERS

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