Military-bought American flags now made in America

Military-bought American flags now made in America
Kim Uhl/CNN

POSTED: Monday, February 24, 2014 - 8:40am

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 4:51pm

You might be surprised if you looked at a tag on an American flag bought by the military. It could easily read "Made in China."

While the flags were made correctly with 13 stripes and 50 stars, representing the original 13 American colonies and the 50 U.S. states, there was no law that said flags bought by the Pentagon had to be made in the United States.

That is until this past Friday.

U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson added a provision into the $1 trillion omnibus spending bill passed by Congress last month that added the American flag to the list of items covered under the Berry Amendment, which requires that certain items that the military buys to be produced in America.

It went into effect last week.

"I am proud to have worked to pass this law so that our men and women in uniform never have to fight under a U.S. flag made overseas, and so that our Defense Department never again spends American tax dollars on a U.S. flag made overseas," the California Democrat said.

The Berry Amendment, passed in 1941, restricts military funds from being used to buy certain items that are not grown or produced in the United States, including food, clothing, military uniforms, fabrics and certain tools. 

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The blame for the loss of jobs Americans should be filling to produce American proud products sits in the chairs in the corner offices of obscenely paid CEOs who care only about the bottom profit line and keeping investors well-paid. I, for one, am more than willing to pay a little more to provide manufacturing/production of MADE IN AMERICA products and services. suz, your stupidity is again showing...the gov't. doesn't send jobs overseas...greed-hungry corporations are responsible, you jerk!

I guess NAFTA was passed by those same corporations? Funny, I thought it was Clinton and Congress that made NAFTA possible. You need to lay off the meds Pete, you are getting so hateful and never have anything good to say. Relax and actually read that Bible you are always talking about, try practicing what you preach for a change.

See, even in 1941 they had more sense than they do now in Washington. They need to expand this Amendment to cover the public sector as well. There is not much of anything made or grown in the U.S anymore, we depend on other countries for everything and pay just as much as we would if it were made here. These are sad days for America, a once great industrial country brought to its knees by our own government.

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