Military personnel enraged by Pentagon budget cut proposal


POSTED: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 6:48pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 4:51pm

Local troops and veterans react to a military budget proposal that could cut a $1 billion subsidy. The subsidy was originally meant to keep on-base supermarkets more affordable than private grocers.

Military and veteran families rely on these markets to make ends-meet, many of which are on food stamps already. KETK spoke with Jim Snow from the Military Officer's Association, who said, "I don't know where they get the insanity from". The proposed reductions could cost each military family around $3,000 a year. Other concerns stem from the belief that if all incentives for joining the military disappear, it will become very difficult to recruit new members. Snow said, "Quite frankly in my opinion, what they are doing is slowly but surely dismantling the military force structure".

We reached out to U.S. District Representative, Jeb Hensarling, who was not available for an interview. However, he did release this statement, "As a member of congress, I place the highest priority on our obligation to ensure that our men and women in uniform have the support, care, and resources they need to do their job and carry out their mission. Our debt is unsustainable, and immoral and we cannot continue to ignore it and hope to remain a free and secure nation".

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Obama is NOT taking this country down, '007...your lovely little trolls in Congress, your repub/teaswillers, are in control of budget issues...for heaven's the research, find out the truth, unscrew the cork in your brain to let in some fresh for spirituality, mine is as strong as it has ever been, maybe even more so these days...and you could probably be diagnosed as paranoid...and yes, Katie, you are categorically, absolutely, unbelievable and completely WRONG. Get a life!

This is dangerous to our country, but as I have said before, Obama means to take the United States down financially and militarily. Our spirituality is already on the road to destruction. "We the people" have been taken over by PC and we let it happen. He is inviting a takeover of the U.S. and I believe that he will declare martial law at some point before his term ends and will set himself up as dictator. Hope I am wrong, but I don't think so.

You're not wrong, but you place too much emphasis on the puppet Obama and you're 50 years late on your conclusions. Study S. Africa (as best you can with media censorship) and you'll get the blueprint for the US.

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