Milk prices may double because of government shutdown

Milk prices may double because of government shutdown
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POSTED: Saturday, October 5, 2013 - 11:23am

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 3:51pm

The stalemate in Washington could mean higher grocery prices.

Because with Congress locked up and not passing  budget, it means they're not likely to pass a new farm bill either.

That means you could see higher prices at the grocery store for stuff like milk, cheese, and butter.

When the government shut down on Monday at midnight, it also marked the expiration of the latest farm bill.

The bill does a lot of things including managing food stamps and regulation crop insurance.

That regulation helps give farmers a cash buffer.

Without it, the cost of maintaining their livestock can easily outweigh the sales they make.

The bad part is, there's a trickle-down effect.

And the Farm Bureau says that come January, consumers will face the impact of the higher costs farmers are paying to feed and transport their livestock.

One New York Agriculture Representative says that this means the price for milk may double in the coming months from about $3.00 a gallon to $6.00 per gallon.

This could ripple to other milk-dependent foods like cheese and butter.

Analysts expect Congress to extend the law for another year or two, rather than agree on a new bill.

But it's not clear when that might happen.

If lawmakers don't take action soon, it will be bad news for all of us.

Many shoppers aren't going to be willing to pay so much for a gallon of milk.

And without making those sales, farmers, especially in smaller markets, are at risk of going out of business.

The timing is not great.

Prices for so many groceries have already been going up.

A gallon of milk has already risen a quarter this year.

Bread and orange juice is also up.

And the problem feels even worse since wages for American workers are basically stagnant.

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Having an economy like this where prices of almost everything boost, budgeting is very hard. It is essential to have the quick cash since food expenses are growing a ton, particularly on things such as milk and cheese. Get more information about budgeting.

Okay, all you moronic right-of-right clowns...the gov't. should just give everyone a cow, a chicken, one solar panel, a well-digging kit, a few tomato & squash seeds, a generator, one gallon of gas, a shovel & plans to dig our own outhouses, then let us all get on with being self-sufficient. I'm with you, gov't. interference, no one telling us what to do...if you get sick, find a root and make tea...if you break something, splint with tree limbs...sound like heaven to you guys? IDIOTS!

Well Don from what I have been reading and seeing in headlines from many different news sources, not just one or two they all say about the same thing, that neither side is willing to work with the other. That says a lot about the politicians we currently have in office on both sides and none of it is good. I already know your opinion on Obamacare, but try reading the stories coming out about the people this plan was supposed to help, but wont because they either make to much or are to poor.

suzu, the FACT that congress would not need to even be talking about the CR that the republicans are using to shut the government down with if the republican house had appointed conference committee members to the budget 6 months ago. Both houses have passed a budget 6 months ago and the senate has appointed their committee members but not the house. The reason, the pubs wanted to use this CR as leverage to defund the ACA. This is the GOPs FAULT NOBODY ELSE.

well suzu, if they are too poor? that would mean they qualify for medicare in states that expanded that program under the ACA. So, in Texas if they make lets say $10.00 too much to Qualify for medicare and not enough to buy insurance straight from a private can thank our Texas republicans for not expanding medicare benefits to them. they will also qualify for subsadies under the ACA to assist in insurance payments.

Rather than cutting the farm subsidies so that farmers compete in a fair market setting, why not just send them the money we send to Israel every year ?

Milk is fatting anyway, so how about stopping these farm subsidies and cutting federal spending?

Oh, right, the farm corporations do give members of congress campaign money, and those congressmen and senators do tend to stay bought when they are bought.

Cut the subsidies and cut the budget.

And Don, the senate has to vote to, so the shutdown is because while it passed the house, the senate, that is DEMOCRAT senate, refuses to pass it.

So it's the Dems fault.

which are you talking about the budget or the CR? Lets start with the budget the house passed a budget sent it to the Senate who made their changes and sent it back to the house who then put it into a conference committee but has failed to assign committee members the Senate has assigned theirs.

The CR, the house Senate and President had agreed to a CR with 70 billion $ reduction in spending then cruz lobbied house members to put an amendment on the already agreed to CR& the house passed that &sent it to the Senate who removed the amendment and passed the CR it is now waiting for a vote in the house. If voted on & passed the govt. opens back up.

yup thanks republicans you are correct suz just remember y'all have control of the purse strings in the house who has done everything you stated on top of being responsible for this shutdown.

The unraveling of a fake economy will be painful in the beginning, but as more become reliant on themselves instead of government then, many of this nations problems will be solved. For now, I'm not crying over spilled milk when my nation's future is at stake.

Every time you turn around Congress is not passing a farm bill or some other bill that will raise the price of something, these dimwits in office cannot do anything right.

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