Minor rollover on I-20

Sunday, August 24, 2014 - 9:01pm

There was a minor rollover on the I-20 Sunday morning. A father and son were headed toward Dallas, but their day did not quite go as planned. 

"The driver had lost control of the vehicle. The rear end had come around, and it caused him to, you know, start rolling over onto the asphalt," said Police Officer, Chad Skidmore.

The car landed on all four wheels.  Christy Guerrero saw it happen.

"I was scared," said Guerrero.

Her older brother and father were able to call 911 for help.

"Smoke was coming out, so we stopped and helped," said Guerrero.

The truck came off the road and fell into a hole. That is when it started to roll.

"We saw that the dad was on top of the son, and they were both crying.  So, we helped," said Guerrero.

The driver had cuts and bruises on his face.  Pieces of tire, glass and debris could be seen all along the side of the road.  The driver lost control because his tire blew out.  It's a common problem during the summer.

"With the temperatures getting up and tires have a little bit of wear on them, they have the tendency to blow out.  You know, the hotter the weather is," said Skidmore.

The truck was in pretty bad shape, but everyone will be okay.

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