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Update: Missing child found unresponsive in pool, dies hours later

Update: Missing child found unresponsive in pool, dies hours later

POSTED: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 - 1:28pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 3:14am

Officials are reporting the child died a few hours after being pulled from the pool.


On January 18, 2010 at around 2:05 p.m., Longview Officers were called to
assist in the search for a missing child.

The father told officers that his two-year-old son had become missing and he
wasn’t sure if his son had gone to nearby Ward Park with an adult relative or had become missing from his residence at 1701 Rodden Drive.

Longview Officers responded to both Ward Park and 1701 Rodden Drive to
search for the missing child and at around 2:56 p.m., Longview Officers located
the child in a swimming pool behind the child’s residence. The child was
unresponsive and Longview Officers performed CPR until the Longview Fire
Department/EMS arrived and took over. The child was transported to Good
Shepherd Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

Detectives, crime scene investigators and the Texas Department of Protective
and Regulatory Services are currently at the residence conducting a complete

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They still need to outlaw pools and pitbulls. No one said anything about guns or cigarettes or cars. Kids are always getting the bad end of these.

Funny that Echo used sarchasm.....claw hammers? Really? Echo sees politics where there is none and worries too much. Echo must be a sophmore.

Accidents do happen everywhere, all the time. So I don't understand the "Have him investigated" mentality.

Hey, since we like the nanny state to proctect us with a vengance from ourselves so much - and especially from our own neighbors (so I guess I do understand the mentality after all) - why not have the police's slow response time investigated? Sound slike they failed, too.

Maybe it was terrorism!

There is nothing political about laws and public safety. Why people think they are wise junior senators in every arguement I will never know. Although if people automatically believe everything they read here on the websiteat face value and don't grasp irony and sarchasm we should worry less about God being taken out of the schools and worry more about intelligence being taken out of the schools.

What I worry about is people who take the opportunity of a child's tragic death to be sarcastic. I think that gives us a lot to be worried about. It is sophomoric at best.

yeah, outlaw pitbulls and swimming pools and guns, and cigarettes, and alcohol, and cars, too. Cars kill lots of people you know. Oh, and motorcycles, and claw hammers.

Why don't we all try very hard NOT politicize the death of a child!

A tragedy has occurred...a terrible thing. Let's mourn the loss to the entire community and wait for dust to settle.

I agree that the child should have been better supervised but we don't know all the facts. Yes, Kenny, they should also ban cars, guns, fireworks, bicycles, ALL animals, roads..... Get real! If you act responsibly, these things are OK!!!! The pool should have had a locked fence around it. Accidents happen everywhere all the time!

They need to outlaw pitbulls and swimming pools both.

I would have CPS investigating him big time. He should have been keeping an eye on his son. That is just ridiculous. Just ticks me off.

There is probably not many of us parents that can honestly say our 2 year old has not gotten out of our sight for a few minutes at one time or another.All we can do is pray for that baby and for those parents and not pass judgement . I do agree that all pools should have a locked fence around them.I have an inground pool myself and it is keep locked in the summer and winter.

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