Missing Woman Found

POSTED: Saturday, June 13, 2009 - 7:48pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 12:52am

LONGVIEW - Longview police say a missing Longview woman has been found.

They responded to a call at a convenience store on Eastman Road for a report that someone had seen Nicole Howard.

Ms. Howard's been missing since May 24th.

Ms. Howard told officers she left her house on her own will, no crimes were committed.

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Okay going away to get it all no big deal she is an adult.

However, she should say hey I'm going out of town, i'll be in touch. She doesn't have to give out details.

But think of this, maybe there is far more to the story than you know and she was trying to keep safe from a situation for whatever reason and felt she needed to disappear for a while.

Who knows. I just say pray for her and her family and let them be. She obviously wants privacy regardless of the situation.

21 years old and missing. I, as a parent, would be very concerned if she just disappeared and no one knew her whereabouts. Law enforcement and the general public should be made aware of these types of missing persons. Anyway, I am glad she is safe and home.

Why can't someone of legal age just take a break from everything and everyone without calling a search team and causing a big stink. I don't know the circumstance, but before people start judging her saying she is immature just think of reasons why people run away. Physical, mental, sexual abuse. Has Donna thought of these things? anyway, why does she need a reason?

She is 21 not 16. Why would a grown woman have to "take a break" she should already be on her own and why leave the car? Seems like more drama than needed to "take a break" If my 21 year old comes up "missing" I will raise a stink because I care not because she is abused. Grief!

I would think this young woman could have left without causes all this trouble. Must be very immature.

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