MLB approves plan to ban home plate collisions

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Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 6:54pm

The announcement by Major League Baseball on Tuesday may take out some of most dramatic plays of the game.  It is the concern of player's injuries that is causing the MLB to ban collisions at home plate.  "You're never going to completely get rid of head injuries, but if we can do whatever we can to try to start to decrease those risks, then that's always going to be a good thing," said Andrew Cage, UT Tyler head athletic trainer.

Experts say a runner colliding into a catcher is 3,200 pounds of force, which like a football player being tackled.  However, the main difference is football players have the pads to reduce impact, and baseball players do not.

UT Tyler head baseball coach Chris Bertrand knows first hand how catchers can take the impact.  "I think where the defense-less nature of it is where a lot of the injury risks comes in," said Bertrand.    However, he does see both sides to it.  "It has some good in it because its going to protect some guys, but i think you're gonna upset some tradionalists as well," said Bertrand.

Aaron Riecheck is a freshman baseball player, and as a former catcher, doesn't think this will be good for the love of the game.  "I think it changes the whole aspect of how the catcher plays, how the runner runs and i also think that a lot of times its an unavoidable play," said Riecheck.

MLB is still working on how this new rule, but the rules committee plans to show it to the owners at their January meeting. The players association must also approve it.

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