Monsanto Protection Act


POSTED: Thursday, April 4, 2013 - 5:05pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 4, 2013 - 10:10pm

When Congress passed a continuing resolution to keep the government running for 6 months more, they also gave out a few gifts.
Buried in the bill was a particularly generous earmark for one big company.
People are calling it the Monsanto Protection Act.
When Democrats and Republicans couldn’t agree on a budget, they passed another so-called continuing resolution to just keep things running until October.
But somewhere in the committee process, a provision was slipped in called the Farmer Assurance Provision.
It is actually a guarantee to the Monsanto company, that even if the Department of Agriculture finds potential health issues with their genetically modified seeds, even if a court sides with the USDA, they can’t order farmers to stop planting or harvesting them.
It is complete and total immunity from any regulation.
Congress passed it and the President signed it.
The frustrating part of this process is that the provision was slipped in anonymously. No name has to be attached.
In addition, many in Congress admitted, they didn’t even know it was there because they didn’t read the bill.

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How dare he attack that part of our government that hides itself from the American people, they who can sponsor a Bill without attaching a name to it. What do we care who gets a kick-back in their campaign, who are we to question genetically engineered produce and why Monsanto will be exempt from lawsuit should something go wrong. These being the same people who pick our presidents and decide what economic bubble to burst. It used to be they would hide in our government now it's all in jest.

But wait, there is no going back, no taking the Monsanto bill out of the emergency funding bill; the law is clear on that. A nation of laws with no rules, pathetic.

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