More baby boomers taking fitness classes

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 11:01pm

It's become a common sight to see more and more baby boomers at the gym.

And health experts say, it's because, they're starting to realize there's no "magic pill" for longevity.

It's as simple as diet and regular exercise.

At Woodcreek Athletic Club in Tyler, you'll often find fitness instructor Tiffany Acker teaching a class.

But these days, most of her students are a little older.

Acker says, "The joy about working out at a fitness club is that there are fans going on you. You have someone motivating you. There's a TV right there. There's an instructor pushing you or a trainer pulling you along."

Acker tells KETK, there's an increase in interest when it comes to senior classes.

She says, more people are realizing the importance of exercise.

And, they're being pro-active when it comes to their health.

Acker says, "One of the things I teach my seniors is that with a balance, they can prevent a lot of accidents."

And of course, prevent oncoming diseases, people often face in old age.

Acker says, "As people get older, they tend to realize your body depends on you. The things you feed it, as well as take care of it."

Sandra Wingate is a regular here at the gym.

She says, weightlifting, resistance training and cardio helps keep her body in great shape.

And her mind-- young.

Wingate says, 'oh, I feel so much better for one thing, and I know how important it is when you age."

Shana Maani agrees.

She says, "When I come here, I'm more energetic. I'm more outgoing. I can do more. It's done a lot for me."

Acker says, a group atmosphere is always more effective because you have someone to be accountable to.

Not to mention, they're making friends and keeping social.

And, that's always good for the heart.

Acker also says, most of the seniors who work out at Woodcreek have also started their own walking groups after their regular classes.

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