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POSTED: Monday, December 16, 2013 - 8:08pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 30, 2013 - 1:43pm

KETK last week told you about the controversies surrounding the appointment of the Cherokee County Attorney to fill out the term of a judge whose seat she is running for.
Now, here’s what we have learned about the resignation of Cherokee County Court at Law Judge Craig Fletcher, the move that created the opening in the first place.
It goes back to a case involving charges of indecency with a child lodged against former Rusk I.S.D. school nurse Rebecca Blankinship.
After serving her sentence and being paroled, according to sources, she sought a change in parole status to allow for more custodial time with her child.
Two sources have told KETK that the allegation was, that the order making the changes was signed by Judge Fletcher, but using the signature of District Court Judge Bascom Bentley.
The sources say that the reason for the intervention was a rumored relationship between Fletcher and Blankenship.
The District Attorney was tipped off, she called the Texas Rangers and an investigation ensued.
Fletcher retained Tyler Defense Attorney Buck Files, and a plea agreement was reportedly reached wherein Fletcher would resign.

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Fox 4 News out of Dallas will get down to business......stay tuned because it gets even deeper. You all should cover this story like you covered get the facts.

So if you have 8 false charges filed against you and you FOLLOW THE LAW OF TEXAS and file a claim against the City for their FALSE GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS, and they don't want to pay your winnable claim, then THAT CLAIM is a "Tampered Government Document" but FORGING A JUDGE'S SIGNATURE ON AN ORDER to allow a S.O. convict more time with children is NOT a Tampered Government Document? HELLO? You people need to recall the new D.A. if she does not file T.W.G.D. charges against Craig Fletcher NOW!

Let me see if I got this right: The ONLY reason we are hearing ANY controversy whatsoever in Cherokee county, where judges commit felonies daily & with complete immunity, is because one Beckworth protoge' insider wanted the position of another felonious insider, possibly having an extramarital affair with another govt.-child-indecency-pervert, and made a back alley secret-from-the-public deal amongst other govt. reprobates, where he did a total of ZERO days in jail. Sweet. Who writes this?

Isn't this called "tampering with a government document?"
The Cherokee County court system is a revolving door anyway.

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