More fruits and veggies cut your stroke risk, American Heart Association study

Monday, May 12, 2014 - 6:28pm

May is American Stroke month and the American Heart Association is increasing awareness of heart and cardiovascular health. There are several things that can cut your risk of having stroke. A new study shows improving your diet is very critical to your heart health.

We're told heart disease is the number one killer in America, so where does a stroke rank?

"Stroke which is the number four killer of American in the United States," said Dr. Scott Lieberman, Interventional Cardiologist of CAET (Cardiovascular Associates of East Texas).

The same things that contribute to heart disease increase stroke risk. The American Heart Association released a new study. "They looked at 20 studies reviewing what the cause of stroke were, being a male being a smoker, having diabetes, having elevated cholesterol, etc.," said Dr. Lieberman.

Dr. Lieberman says the result of the analysis shows people that had diets that were higher in fruits and vegetables had significant reductions in the incidents of stroke. He says there are two types of strokes, "Ischemic strokes and bleeds."

He explains how diet showed significant change in the data collected, "About 760,000 patients and in that population there were over 16, 000 strokes." So how much can greens and colorful eats reduce your chance of having a stroke? "Fruits, there was about a 30 reduction in the stroke risk and diets that were rich in vegetable had a 15 to 20 reduction," said Dr. Lieberman.

Dr. Lieberman says he's a firm believer of 'You are what you eat' and nutrition consultant agrees. "It's very important to put diet and exercise first because you need to have a healthy balance," said Blake Glass, Nutrition Consultant with Complete Nutrition in Tyler.

We're told nutrition is medicine for weight loss and improves your whole well-being. Dr. Lieberman says if you have a healthy diet, a high intake of fruits and vegetables, exercise daily and quit smoking then you're in pretty good shape."

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