More possible changes to your mail service

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POSTED: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 1:08pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 2:58pm

The United States postal service is gasping for air, trying to stay afloat and cut corners in their budget to survive in the age of online—everything.

The postal services' attempt to cut Saturday mail delivery was a bust. But now they are exploring other ways to cut the budget. According to the postal service they are losing 25 million dollars per day.

Mckinney Boyd, spokesperson for the USPS Dallas office says, "The postal service, every time it delivers a piece of mail to a household it costs money to do that." To be exact, $353 dollars per stop in most American cities. So one solution is for all new home developments to slice the stops in half. This bill was proposed by Rep.e Darrell Issa, House Republican representative from California, and if this bill passes the the House door-to-door mail delivery could soon come to an end and all new construction neighborhoods would have “centralized delivery” or cluster mailboxes in a central location in a neighborhood.

Lind Rash of Tyler used to live in Galveston, she had had both curb mail delivery and used community mailboxes she says, "It was just very inconvenient…my elderly parents lived with me, and the first several months they could walk to the mailbox, but then they got to where they couldn't go to get the mail."

Rash says she likes her own personal mailbox much better, "I like these especially because they are all bricked and encased and sturdy, and this way I get to know my mail carrier."

But some lawmakers in Washington are all for these changes, because “centralized delivery” would only cost $160 dollars per stop. Boyd says, "If we centralize delivery, the postal service could save more than 4.5 billion dollars a year."

However residents and postal service unions are against it, Rash says, "There's probably other things they can do."


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Just like all the other fear mongering alarmists, adaadvocate sends up a red flag saying an economical move by the PO could possibly be "illegal"...that it would amount to "withholding" mail...oh, please! I am all for this move to keep the PO afloat, and would never mind picking up someone's mail at a local mail box system if they are elderly or unable to leave their home for any reason...isn't that what neighbors are help each other? It is NOT a gov't. plot against you, adaadvocate!

Would that not be a violation of the Americans with Disability Acts? If you can't drive or have no one to get your mail, that would seem illegal to withhold it.

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