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More than 16,000 signatures collected for alcohol sales in Tyler and JP-2


POSTED: Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 9:15pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 22, 2012 - 11:37am

TYLER - "The support was overwhelming to sign the petitions and so this day has finally arrived."

It was the day "Buy Local First" had been waiting for. The group for months has been collecting signatures.

They needed 6700 for Smith County JP 2 and 7800 in the city of Tyler. On Thursday they pulled up to city hall and dropped off more than 16,000 signatures. 9100 for Tyler, and 7100 for JP-2.

In fact, they tell us they've had so much response, some folks signed it, and weren't even from Tyler or JP-2.

One committee member for "Buy Local First" tells KETK, "So much overwhelming response we had people from Whitehouse that wanted to sign so we had to verify all the signatures."

For members of the buy local first committee, they say it's time to give voters a choice.

"To me this is not an election about drinking it's an election about buying and do I want to tell someone else they shouldn't be able to buy something that's a lot different then you telling me I shouldn't drink."

However, It's not a win to everyone. The signatures come in just as another group "Standing Strong For Tyler" recently formed.

They're looking to discourage folks from voting for beer and wine sales. We spoke to the group's spokesman, who expressed his concerned about the vote passing in November.

"If you can visualize what Tyler will be like after a few more of these elections. It will not be as we know it today, it ultimately changes."

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