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More VA fallout

Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 5:57pm

This VA hospital scandal, and yes it's a scandal, keeps getting bigger. The dam burst when it was alleged vets were dying at a Phoenix VA hospital while waiting to be treated.

Staff members allegedly cooked the books to make themselves look good. They've been caught. Now, it looks as if a VA hospital in Albuquerque has the same problems.

An example of government incompetency from an article in today's Daily Beast:

"There are eight physicians in the cardiology department. But at any given time, only three are working in the clinic, where they see fewer than two patients per day, so on average there are only 36 veterans seen per week. That means the entire eight-person department sees as many patients in a week as a single private practice cardiologist sees in two days, according to the doctor."

The doctor mentioned has a private practice. This is the federal government. In my opinion, they run the entire federal government this way. They want more money spend on more bureaucracy.

This time, the tax payers are still jilted, but people are dying and are still ill because of it. The president is telling us he is angry, but nothing can be done until they look into it.

Not one person fired. Let's spend more money. The government will fix everything.

It won't, but the government cares.


That's my point of view, what's yours?

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