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Thursday, January 29, 2015 - 12:27pm

More women accepting jobs in the oil industry


POSTED: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 - 5:50pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 - 11:46am

As the baby boomers retire, there is a greater need for people to work in the oil business.

But, a new report out shows nearly half of those jobs are going to women.

Women are accepting jobs as geologist, engineers and some are out on the rig with the men.

When you think of oil workers, the first thought that might pop up in your mind is husky men.

Well that is old news.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics and the company Rigzone put together data and found in the first quarter more than a third of the new jobs created were filled by women.

"We are seeing an increasing number of women going into the industry and filling very necessary jobs throughout the entire spectrum of the jobs in the industry," said Rigzone President Paul Caplan.  

Caplan says women still only make up 18% of the oil industry, but believes this number will grow as more women will be attracted to this line of work.

"More and more women are entering into the workforce and many areas that were not traditionally women roles. And in this particular case in the oil and gas industry you see a lot of women coming in engineering roles, petroleum engineers, drilling engineers, geophysicists and in those areas," said Caplan.  

Allie Garcia is one of them.

She got a job right out of college as an operation engineer at XTO Energy and is out on the rig with the men.

"There is no reason why women wouldn't be successful and enjoy this field as much as men so it's a fun opportunity," said Garcia.

Garcia says it is not as intimidating as it looks working in a mostly male dominated business.

"There is really good career opportunities for anybody and there is no reason why a female wouldn't be just as successful as any male," said Garcia.

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