More women prefer a taser than a firearm


POSTED: Monday, August 12, 2013 - 10:15pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 23, 2013 - 1:25pm

We know many East Texans own a firearm for self-defense, but some women are choosing a different route to protect themselves.

Many women are afraid to carry a gun because they're in a situation where they feel they are going to be attacked, they may be afraid to pull the trigger or in the worst case the attacker taking the gun from them.

More women prefer to own a taser .

"A taser gun is a little less threatening than a real gun and less noticeable," says Jones.

Self-defense Instructor, Brandon Jones tells KETK, "A lot of ladies come in and say i took my concealed handgun course and i love shooting but I'm still intimidated to carry it," says Jones, of Tyler Kung Fu & Fitness.

Which is why more women are choosing a taser for protection than a firearm.

"I feel more comfortable because I think in the situation of using gun i could probably hurt someone besides the person that's wanting to hurt me," says Brents.

Ashleigh Brents of Tyler tells KETK she carries her taser everywhere she goes.

"I'm walking through parking lot I could put it around my wrist and i can walk with it, it poses as a flashlight," says Brents.

Brents tells KETK, if the attacker is trying to get the taser from her and pulls it from her wrist she says, "If you pull it out like this they can't use it against me."

Jones recommends women to take a self-defense class and to carry a taser, mase or pepper spray.

"As long as the women practice using them, that's the thing if you chose a taser gun you don't want to be fumbling for it looking for it in your purse when the bad guy is coming up," says Jones.

He tells us, you have to have it ready and then you have to be willing to use it and go for the whole body.

"You don't want to try to aim for the head, you'll miss it, just say you have to aim for the arm or leg just shoot of course this is center mass chest is always the best, bigger area, the stomach, the cool thing about a taser gun is wherever you hit the guy he's dropping," says Jones.

Jones says, be aware of your surroundings and never be afraid to defend yourself.

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I have to agree with James Shaw. A little more research should be done when writing a story. A stun gun is not a TASER(R). The picture is a stun gun also.

A TASER(R) can be used as a stun gun if connection is not made with the probes.

Having both a lethal weapon and a non-lethal weapon is a good idea, however, the lethal weapon is my first choice, then comes the pepper spray ....

The taser has many faults.

A) just two shots
B) if attacker has thick coat the taser fails.
C) Batteries required
D) Very limited range.
E) Rather difficult to conceal
F) Accuracy is poor.

Yes it has it's place and yes if you miss others won't be endangered but it is not so effective. Police carry guns, pepper spray, ASP baton, AND a taser... and they usually have a partner near by.

Keep that in mind.

This article and video is talking about Stun Guns, not TASER devices. Although similar, TASER(r) devices fire electrodes at the attacker to shock them. This video demonstrates stun guns that must be touched to the attacker. Also, Mace (not "mase") is just a brand name for a pepper spray, nothing more.

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