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Morning After Pill on most store shelves


POSTED: Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 6:03pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 6:03pm

You may raise your eyebrows when you see what is now being sold on store shelves as you walk down the feminine hygiene aisle.

Many retail stores and pharmacies in East Texas have a pill to prevent pregnancy on their shelves.

Earlier The Food and Drug Administration passed the new age restriction from 17 to 15 years of age to buy the emergency contraception over-the-counter.

"It's shocking, it think it's a travesty," says Dr. Hope Short, Short Family Medical Group.

Dr. Hope Short of Tyler says, it's shocking to walk down store aisles and find the morning after pill on the store shelves.

"At eye level where where children can look for it, but it, no requirement for an identification," says Short.

Dr. Short says, it's shameful.

There are two emergency contraception pills- known as the morning after pill to prevent unintended pregnancies.

Some feel it's an abortion pill.

There are two brands, Next Choice and Plan B and they have the same amount of hormones and effectiveness.

The only difference is anyone of any age can pick up Plan B as if you would Tylenol.

Next choice is only available over the counter, 15 years and older with a picture ID.

The FDA  will soon lift that restriction.

"When a child has to present an ID to even get their ears pierced, yet they can take a morning after pill that can induce a loss of pregnancy."

"In this situation, the government has ruled that is something that needs to be available to women of all ages, as professional I would have to abide by those laws and would have to provide that when asked for," says David Davis, Pharmacy Manager, Good's Medicine Chest.

East Texans joined the conversation our KETK Facebook page about this controversial topic and there is a lot of mixed reaction.

"It was never intended to be.... it hints the name Plan B, it was never intended to be your Plan A," says Davis.

"If there's a fertilized egg, there's potential life whether it's implanted or not," says Dr. Short.

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