Mosquito repelling plants

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 4:56pm

The summer mosquito season is well underway.
And everyone is looking for away to enjoy the outdoors and avoid the bites.
We all know what works on mosquitoes, even if we don’t know why.
If you use one of the commercial insect repellents with the ingredient DEET in them, you will be fine.
You will also smell like a chemical plant.
So, as we sat on our deck last weekend, my wife and I wondered, if citronella candles work, why not the plant itself?
If you Google, “plants that repel mosquitoes,” you find a handy ways to live mosquito free.
“The way they actually work is their essential oils are strong and that’s a little offensive to the mosquitoes, and sometimes to some people,” says James Wilhite of Wilhite Landscaping.
Some of the common recommendations are to plant citronella, marigolds, catnip horsemint, even a trio that sounds like a song from Simon and Garfunkle…sage, rosemary and thyme.
“Now if you planted nothing but catnip, lemongrass, bee balm and rosemary in your yard,” Wilhite says, ‘there may be some truth to the fact that you could have pretty much a mosquito free environment. I’ve never seen any research that supports that.”
But what if you ringed your deck or patio with the plants?
“You would have to plant a tremendous amount,’ he cautioned. “And I don’t know that you would be happy with the end result. It may be so odiferous that you don’t want to be out on the deck with it anymore.”

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